Strike next week?!?

Apparently the students of DIRO will be on strike for the duration of next week. . If I learn something new, I’ll keep you posted.


5 Replies to “Strike next week?!?”

    1. Ok, class will be on as “usual” next week, though it’s possible that the room will be blocked. In that event we will likely have to cancel class. If the class isn’t blocked, then we will have a lecture, if it is blocked we won’t have a lecture.

      If we can’t have a lecture we will reschedule it for the next available class.


  1. As someone who is going to university only for the class, could someone else please post if all classes are blocked today so that we don’t waste our time?

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  2. Unfortunately I’m not sure we will be able to do that.

    Note also that we don’t even have class on Monday due to Easter (I’d not accounted for it in my earlier planning). So if the strike prevents class on Thursday, I’m afraid we’ve had our last lecture already.


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